fleas and ticksFleas and ticks have been out this year for a while now and they mean business! The best way to deal with these pests is prevention. You should begin preventative treatments in March of each year, and continue through November, or until the first good frost.

Some pet owners may be concerned with using traditional topical flea and tick preventatives. There are many different brands with different active ingredients out there, some can be more harmful than others. There are a few types of preventatives where the chemical stays in the skin lipid layer and does not get into the bloodstream. These types can be much less harmful to your pet because they only affect the insects nervous system and have no effect on mammals (dogs, cats and kids!).

For a more natural approach to ridding your dog from pests, we recommend mixing Avon Skin So Soft with water in a spray bottle and using this prior to outdoor play time, cookouts or hikes to repel flies, gnats and mosquitos (works for humans, too!). Some have had success with adding garlic, Brewer’s Yeast, B vitamins or other herbal supplements to their pets food or using products that contain citronella, cedar wood, cinnamon or neem oils – these are aromatic oils which confuse fleas and ticks making them less able to jump/drop on your dog. Unfortunately, you cannot use any aromatic oils on cats – their liver can have trouble breaking them down. “Shoo Tags” can be used on dogs, cats and humans. They are tags with an embedded electromagnetic strip that creates a frequency that fleas, ticks, mosquitos and flies find annoying which creates a barrier between them and your pet. The success of these natural remedies depends largely on the severity of the flea and tick load in your area.

For product recommendations or questions regarding your pet’s care, please call or e-mail our office!