Our Patients

At Healing Paws we value our relationship with our patients and their care givers above all else.  The highest compliment we can receive is a heartfelt letter or email expressing gratitude for the care a patient received.  We want to be a part of your life and the life of your companion for many years to come.

Our Patients - Red
“Dr. Jen- One of the many gifts that Red gave to me was connecting me to incredible people. I feel so blessed that you entered our lives. Not only do you have the gift of treating our animals clinically, but you truly care for and love our pets as we do. Your bedside manner is a godsend to those of us with geriatric pets.


Thank you for always being there for us. Knowing that you were a phone call or a text away gave me piece of mind. Thank you for your honesty. Under your care, I was able to enjoy the end of Red’s life and not question if I was making the right decisions. Thank you for your tenacity. If you didn’t know the answers, you would research and talk to peers. Thank you for giving me extra time with Red. And most importantly, thank you for being a friend.


Love, Stefanie.” ~ Stefanie O’ Rourke

Our Patients - Hannah
Dr. Jennifer Levitsky was my yellow lab “Hannah’s” vet on and off for most of her life.
She lived to 14.5 years thanks to my favorite doc. When a dog is young and healthy the care is pretty cut and dry, however, when they become geriatric and in need of additional care is when the tricky part comes in and that is when Dr. Levitsky really became a vital part of our family.  You see, we all know that labs have terrible hips and owners that don’t have a vet that knows about TCM usually has to put the dog down prematurely because of extreme pain and lack of exercise. Luckily for me, I did have a vet that was very familiar with TCM. I was skeptible in the beginning but I loved my dog and was willing to give it a try and see if it would help. OMG, acupuncture and those wonderful herbs and a change of diet gave me additional quality years with my Hannah. It was quite amazing to watch. Dr. L was involved with several surgeries that my Hannah had to endure. I have to say, she was in the ER with me giving Hannah acupuncture so her weak body could walk out of the ER. The surgeon couldn’t even believe we were able to bring her home! I got an additional year with her thanks to Dr. L. In the end, Hannah had recurring cancer that we really just couldn’t beat; however, it wasn’t without trying everything that her bag of tricks and her resources had to offer. I love this woman, she is amazing, hardworking, dedicated and saying she is caring would be an understatement! She goes well over and above, those are rare qualities!


Jen, go get em! With love, Cheryl & Adam White (Hannah too)

Our Patients - Mamma
Mamma, a 16 year old cat, was relinquished to be euthanized.  Her then owners said that she was mean and slept all the time.  Mamma came to live with me in 2011.  One day Dr. Levitsky and I were talking, and I told her about Mama.  She suggested that I bring her in and let her exam and possibly acupuncture her, which I did. Dr. Levitsky examined Mamma and determined that she was arthritic and super uncomfortable because of the arthritis.  Mamma was pretty mean when Dr. Levitsky went to insert the acupuncture needles.  However, she fell into a trance once the needles were inserted and never moved until it was time to get back into the carrier.


That same evening I brought Mamma home and after her first session of acupuncture I noticed that she was moving around!  Her acupuncture was then scheduled every two weeks.  She started to do things that she had never done.  She jumped up onto my desk and ate my yogurt, she walked out back and stretched out in the sun, she jumped up onto the cat window seat, which is 3 feet from the floor and she climbed up on the back of the couch and fell asleep!


In late June 2012 Mamma had a mammary gland tumor.  Dr. Levitsky performed a mastectomy and biopsied the mass.  Mamma was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She was treated post operative with holistic pain therapy.  The biopsy read that the margins were clean!  Her recovery took approximately two weeks.  No chemo or radiation was needed.


I just have to thank Dr. Levitsky for giving Mamma a life!  She helped a cat that once was going to be euthanized because she was in pain and didn’t want to be handled to living a life without pain and cancer!   Mama is now happy and will be around for several years to come!