Healing Paws has created a state-of-the-art surgical suite fully equipped with the latest in gas anesthesia, laser surgery and appropriate monitors.  Our surgery table uses forced air warming blankets and all anesthetized patients are monitored by a trained technician using EKG, oxygen saturation, blood pressure and temperature monitors for the duration of their procedure.


Surgical Services include:

  • spay/neuter
  • declaws
  • soft tissue surgery
  • growth removal
  • biopsy
  • oral surgery



In order to provide comprehensive dental care we offer digital dental radiology as part of a comprehensive evaluation.  When necessary, Dr. Levitsky is experienced at providing dental care under general anesthesia.


Medical Diagnostics

Healing Paws is fitted with the latest Sound-Eklin digital radiography equipment which provides immediate images to aid in diagnosing our patients.  Our in-house laboratory enables us to perform blood, urine and fecal tests as well as cytology.

We will review any diagnostics done by referring veterinarians and recommend when appropriate additional radiographs, ultrasounds, biopsy or other diagnostic procedures.


Post-operative care

Post-operative care
We are especially attentive to helping each animal have a gentle experience. All cages are padded with soft bedding and patients are made more comfortable with quiet music and pheromone therapy.

To aid in minimizing post-surgical pain and inflammation Healing Paws uses a Companion Laser Therapy unit.  Laser therapy accelerates the body’s natural healing process through photo-bio-modulation. Laser therapy is also effective in treating chronic conditions such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, lick granulomas, ear infections and various muscle strains.